Les Fraser Collection

Photo# Date Description
01 Renfrew Golf Club
02 Renfrew Golf Club
03 1929 Renfrew Golf Club House
04 Renfrew Golf Club
05 1949 Gathering waiting for store to open.
06 1946 L.J. Fraser Ltd – 129 Bank St Ottawa
07 1952 Fraser’s remodeling – combining 254 & 258 Raglan St S
08 c1940 Aerial photo of Stewart Street bridge and various industries.
09 c1940 Aerial phot of Renfrew downtown looking north.
10 c1940 Aerial photo – Corner Raglan, Hall, Coumbes St & Burnstown Rd, Note: no Lynn St and Barr St is just a footpath.
11 1960 Fraser’s Clothes Shop Christmas window
12 Fraser & Son float in Xmas parade. Harry Fishenden.
13 1949 Sale is on inside Fraser’s store 254 Raglan St S
14 1967 Back seat Cam & Mrs. Simpson, Charlotte Whitton and driver Les Fraser
15 1967 Back seat Cam & Mrs. Simpson, Charlotte Whitton and driver Les Fraser
16 281 Raglan St S – Dewey, Humphrises, Rowley optometry
17 Robert Stark
18 1949 Inside Fraser’s 254 Raglan St S.
19 1893 First Fraser Clothes Store at 274 Raglan St S. From left to right – Bill Ross, Bill Fraser and Alex Fraser.
This store sold groceries and provisions, boots and shoes. This store was situated at 274 Raglan St S. Before the first year ended, Alex Fraser was wiped out by fire and did not have any insurance. Alex Fraser then built the first part of a new building at 270 Raglan St S in 1901.
20 1903 Fraser’s third store – located where TD Bank is today. The new store sold clothing, shoes and furs. There was a tailor shop upstairs but closed in 1915. Coat maker wages were $15 weekly. George Fritsch, cutter and fitter. Vests & pants sewn by women.Charlie Frame, Alex McDondall & Fred Wadsworth, coatmakers made 2 a week – drank & played cards. They where here from 1901 to 1920.
21 1890s Barr & Wright department store that stood where the O’Brien Opera House now stands. The building was burned some time before the opera house was built. Alex Fraser worked there for $12 per week.
22 1893 Fraser’ s store (TD Bank location) – same picture as #19. From left – Alex Fraser, ?, Peter McDermind, Bill Ross, ?, Dave Farquharson.
23 British Hotel was at the corner of Openogo Rd and Raglan St S (350 Raglan St S )- birthplace of Bernie Bedore
24 1958 Aerial photo of Renfrew Woollen Mills by M.J. O’Brien Ltd. – demolished in 1958. Swinging bridge in foreground and rear Renfrew Woollen building would become Stemco before it too was torn down. Photo by Montaigne Ltd., Pembroke
25 1958 Aerial photo of Renfrew Woollen
Mills by M.J. O’Brien Ltd. – demolished in 1958. Wood Works of Renfrew in foreground and Raglan St N in background. Photo by Montaigne Ltd., Pembroke
26 Opeongo St. Bridge, Renfrew, ON [postcard]
27 RCI Girls Hockey Team
28 1949 A. Fraser & Son (north half of Murphy building). Photo taken by J.C. Moulton, Renfrew Photo Centre, Hotel Renfrew, Phone 1066.
29 1898 From 1895 to 1901 Fraser’s second store was temporarily located where Stedmans store once was (212 Raglan St S)
30 1920s Prize winning window "President Braces" by Gordon Bean, head clerk
31 1920s Inside of Fraser’s Clothing store (left to right) Claire Jacques, Les Fraser and Art O’Connor
32 01 Jul 1898 After the first store was destroyed by fire, this second store was used temporarily. Standing in the doorway to the right Alex Fraser and Mrs. Laura Fraser. Bill Fraser (Alex’s brother) on the bike.
33 after 1910 Picture of Fraser’s third store and J.M. Ferguson shoes.
Picture used in photo 33.
34 1901 "East Lynn" Alex Fraser’s house on the corner of Barr St and Hall Ave. (269 Barr St.) – Note: there was no Barr or Hall when photo was taken.
35 1959 Alex Fraser’s original house – 269 Barr St Renfrew
36 Les Fraser and Lois McKay, school pageant
37 1937 Raglan St. Renfrew postcard. From right to left – Clemen’s Stores, Clark’s Jeweller, ??ng’s Meat Market, Miller’s Economy Store, shop, Tip Top Tailors Men’s Wear with Valley Electric Co. truck out front, Fraser & Smart drugstore, Muir China shop, Reward Shoe
38 1920s Main St. Renfrew Ontario coloured postcard. Published by Stedman’s Bros. Ltd., Toronto. Printed in Germany
39 1931 Martin house (154 Quarry Ave Renfrew) purchased by Alex & Les Fraser, 1931
40 1931 Les Fraser & son Donald at 154 Quarry Ave
42 1968 Hotel Renfrew fire
43 1968 Hotel Renfrew fire
44 1904 A. Fraser shoe shop (268) in the Murphy Block beside Fraser’s Clothing (260 – 268 Raglan St S) which employed four or five shoemakers who made the river boots with spikes that the rivermen needed in their work. The shoe store was sold in 1910 to J.M. Ferguson.
45 1913 Inside Fraser’s third store (TD Bank) – Leslie Wainman clerk
46 House unknown
47 c1925 Alex Fraser
48 1964 Tommy Barnet at Rotary Tour Belgium
49 23-May-22 Helen Coolican & L.J. Fraser on wedding day
50 1902 Les Fraser in one of his earlier modes of transportation
51 1934 Cottage at Round Lake
52 1920s The Coolican home where Clarence Vice lived later – 152 Hall Ave Renfrew
53 1920s Coolican house (152 Hall Ave Renfrew) front porch – Back row – Mr. Barker, Henry Coolican, Bill Barker, Mrs. Barker, Harry Barker. Front row – Helen Coolican, Elsie Coolican, Nettie Barler, Tuck Coolican, Nellie (Mrs. Henry Coolican).
54 1923 Les Fraser’s original house (1923-1933) – 450 Barr St Renfrew
55 1959 Les Fraser’s original house – 450 Barr St Renfrew
56 1945 Renfrew Fire Truck purchased in 1945 from Town of Renfrew which they had bought about 1910
57 1952 Fraser’s store front [postcard]
58 1960s Herb Jordan & Bert ‘Brick’ Cleary
59 1959 Bert ‘Brick’ Cleary and Herb Jordan
60 1993 Haramis Restaurant & The Coffee Club – Brenda Godin, Waitress
61 1970s "Les" – with long time friend Phil Bolger
62 1914 Inside Fraser’s third store (TD Bank) – Alex Fraser – Carl Byers – Wm. Elliott
63 1908 Pedlow’s store – Celebating Renfrew Jubilee – postcard
64 1910 Baseball champions of Ottawa Valley Baseball League. Clockwise from top left – Luc Imbleau, J.L. Gilmore, L. Carswell, R. McNab, Bert Lindsay, T. Costello, D. Jamieson, W. Walker, J. Conley, W. Elliott, C. Murray ad R.D. Scott. Centre H. Cox, left and W.C. Carruth.
65 1960s After alerations to Murphy building in 1952, Frasers doubled in size to its present size – both 254 & 258 Raglan St S . When the building was sold in 2015, Fraser’s Clothes Shops returned to the 254 Raglan St S location only. [postcard]
66 Alex Fraser
67 Alex Fraser
68 A. Fraser & Son store front
69 Parade in front of Fraser’s store Raglan St S
70 1904 Bill of sale
71 R.D. Scott & A. Fraser & Son
72 1948 Family & friends at Hotel Renfrew
73 Fraser’s store front
74 Crowd at CPR Station seeing departure of 240th Battalion
75 1897 Celebration on main street
76 Hunting camp
77 1957 LJ Fraser, Chairman of Industrial Commission in recognition of his work – a street was named after him
78 Hotel Renfrew [postcard]
79 Greeting from Round Lake, Ont.’ [postcard]