Mary Lester photos

Photo# Description
P1 Pedlow’s Store – Raglan St S
P2-1 Rear End Collision on GTR at Renfrew Sep. 9, 1906 on GTR
P2-2 Rail engine
P3-1 Walk bridge at Renfrew Knitting
P3-2 Stewart St bridge at Renfrew Textiles
P3-3 McKay Delivert with John Pickens
P3-4 Two children
P4-1 Industrles Along The Bonnechere River
P5-1 Prairie scenes – homesteaders
P5-2 Prairie scenes – homesteaders
P5-3 Prairie scenes – steam tractor with train of wagons
P5-4 Prairie scenes – automobile with people
above photographs are between 1900-1910
P6 The Tug ‘Alligator’ on the Ottawa Rlver
P7 Renfrew Old Home Week 1923
P8-1 Aerial Photos (postcard) of Renfrew c1927-1964
P8-2 Aerial Photos (postcard) of Renfrew c1927-1964
P9 Robert B. Leitch Sr. died June 27, 1912 age 81 yrs, bachelor, home was Leamyside – brick house, Hodgins Farm 1979
P10 R. C. I. Entrance Class 1923 with newspaper clipping with names
P11 Bonnechere Valley School (Galbraith) 1916 – newspaper clipping 29 Sep 1982
P12 Renfrew Public Schools Students c1920
P13-1 CPR Water tower & passenger train at station (negative)
P13-2 CPR express truck at station (negative)

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