Project 2

Places and Buildings

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HD = Heritage Designation

Douglas Douglas Mill
Openongo Rd W, R.R. 2 McRae Log Farmhouse
Openongo Rd W, R.R. 2 O’Connor House
1273 Stone Rd Pat Lynch’s General Store
147 John St N O’Brien Theatre
Amaston Township Article by Evelyn Moore Price
Bonnechere River First Chute
Dugald Rd Dugald Jamieson historical house
1108 Golf Course Rd Renfrew Golf Club
Sixth Concession Martin Russell century old house
3639 Burnstown Rd South Horton Grist Mill
Bunstown The Leckie House
268 Albert St N Renfrew Hotel 1852
321 Albert St N Lindsay House
431 Albert St N Hebron Community Christian Reformed Church
450 Albert St N Quail Creek
470 Albert St N Bonnechere Manor (new)
138 Argyle St N Ottawa Valley Grain Products
96 Argyle St S St. Paul’s Anglican Church
105 Argyle St S John Pershick
121 Argyle St S Geo. H. Froats & Sons
133 Argyle St S T. Fishenden & Son Heating and Plumbing
134 Argyle St S J. Earle Ferguson Insurance
163 Argyle St S Neil Clark Plumbing
164 Argyle St S Renfrew Arena (RCAF Wing)
175 Argyle St S Cochrane-Anderson Funeral Home
196 Argyle St S MacKay Manor
197 Argyle St S Smith Fuels Limited
248 Argyle St S William Halpenny Store
270 Argyle St S Dr. Mann House, Holy Cross Convent
292 Argyle St S Quinn’s Funeral Home
238 Arnprior Ave W Campbell House
Arthur Ave Renfrew Woolen Mills
65 Arthur Ave McDougall Mill Ha
301 Barnet Blvd Airth House Hb
240 Barr St
247 Barr St O’Brien house
277 Barr St
298 Barr St
299 Barr St
308 Barr St
311 Barr St
321 Barr St
369 Barr St Lester House
Bonnechere River Second Chute
184 Bonnechere St S Renfrew Collegiate Institute
11 Bridge St Imbleau Foundry
20 Bridge St Woodworks of Renfrew
29 Bridge St Renfrew Dry Cleaners
100 Bridge St
220 Carswell St Renfrew Creamery (Renfrew Wholesale, Bishop Water)
166 Cross St Robertson Davies home
34 Elgin St E James McNicoll House
345 Elgin Ave W Stewart Hall
Elizabeth St see Renfrew Ave W
275 Francis St
Gibbons Rd Gibbons House
Gillan Rd Energite Explosives Plant No. 3
915 Gillan Rd Stean’s Paint Centre
11 Hall Ave E
31 Hall Ave E
48 Hall Ave E
53-55-57 Hall Ave E
58 Hall Ave E
66 Hall Ave E
67 Hall Ave E
74 Hall Ave E
80 Hall Ave E
81 Hall Ave E J.J. Stafford Insurance
90 Hall Ave E
100-102 Hall Ave E
110 Hall Ave E
128 Hall Ave E
275 Hall Ave E Light Alloy Ltd
555 Hall Ave E Stewart Hartshorn
316 Harry St
60 Hincks St E Roberts House
180 Hincks Ave W Stewart House
200 Hincks Ave W The Renfrew Hatchery
Horton St see Raglan St S from Hall Ave
203 Jennett St Ferguson Cash Grocery
219 Jennett St Plaunt House
126 Lisgar Ave W Percy Wilson Grocery
132 Lisgar Ave W Wilson’s Tire Shop
167 Lisgar Ave W Ferguson House (Cal Green)
270 Lisgar Ave W Muriel’s Hair Styles
298 Lisgar Ave W Sullivan’s Service Station
483 Lisgar Ave W Valley Bottling of Canada
486 Lisgar Ave W Renfrew Builders Supplies
534 Lisgar Ave W Jack McLaren Fuels
Lochiel St N Renfrew Machinery, Polyfiber
5 Lochiel St N Blimkie’s Booth
69 Lochiel St S Tremblay’s Meat Market
38 Lochiel St S Green House
166 Lochiel St S Al Prince Signs
61 Lorne St N Centreside Dairy
321 Lynn St WD Aikenhead House
331 Martin St Children’s Aid Society
56 Munroe Ave E Renfrew Upholstery
85 Munroe Ave E McPhail & Perkins Funeral Home
79 Mutual Ave E John R. Morglan Insurance
New St Hillcrest Barber
547 New St Renfrew Motor Sales (MacKenzie’s)
361 O’Brien Rd Freemark’s, Obrien Variety
630 O’Brien Rd Shanfeild Scrap, Edward Jones
1040 O’Brien Rd A & W
Opeongo Rd Maple Home Cheese Factory
56 Opeongo Rd McMahon Floor & Seed, Phanenhour Feeds
85 Opeongo Rd The Renfrew Mercury
90 Opeongo Rd W Carl Comba Insurance
316 Opeongo Rd W Carswell House (Ainsworth)
9 Patrick Ave Renfrew Travel Bureau
64 Patrick Ave Maple Leaf Dairy
55 Peter St Boldt Electric Co. Ltd.
Plaunt Section
73 Plaunt St S Mayhew’s Bake Shop
80 Plaunt St S Hc
125 Plaunt St S Powell’s Auto
152 Plaunt St S Renfrew Fire Hall Hc
261 Plaunt St S Kelly Home
271 Plaunt St S Bonnington House
291 Plaunt St S Trinity-St. Andrew’s United Church
299 Plaunt St S St. Francis Xavier Church
330 Plaunt St S
339 Plaunt St S
351 Plaunt St S
353 Plaunt St S
358 Plaunt St S
359 Plaunt St S
Quarry Ave AL Handford photos
61 Quarry Ave
74 Quarry Ave
77 Quarry Ave
78 Quarry Ave
83 Quarry Ave
86 Quarry Ave
95 Quarry Ave
103 Quarry Ave
113 Quarry Ave
127-129 Quarry Ave
135 Quarry Ave
151 Quarry Ave Pedlow House
154 Quarry Ave Fraser House Hd
86 Queen St N Hoch farm, house & barn He
180 Queen St S Harvey E. Totten
186 Queen St S Totten Coal
Raglan St N Swinging Bridge Hg
12 Raglan St N Exchange Hotel
42 Raglan St N Foy’s Marina
47 Raglan St N J.A. O’Neil and Associates
70 Raglan St N Foy’s Service Station
104 Raglan St N Donohue’s Chrysler-Plymouth-Fargo Dealers
111 Raglan St N Bert Lindsay Home
409 Raglan St N Thom’s Red & White Food Market
420 Raglan St N North Ward School
499 Raglan St N Renfrew Victoria Hospital
Raglan St S 1880 in 1800
Raglan St S 1895 in 1895
Raglan St S 1900 in 1900
Raglan St S 1910 in 1910
Raglan St S 1920s
Raglan St S 1930s
Raglan St S 1960s
Raglan St S 2000 in 2000
Raglan St S Bert Lindsay Pool Room
8 Raglan St S Myles Delarge BA Service
9 Raglan St S Russell’s Esso Service
30 Raglan St S Renfrew Legion Branch No. 148
60 Raglan St S Godin’s Lunch Bar
70 Raglan St S KFC
83 Raglan St S Briscoe’s Grocery store
90 Raglan St S Moss & Sons Tinsmith
98 Raglan St S C.E. Holden Grocery
112 Raglan St S (Draperies Plus)
117 Raglan St S Allan A. McNab, Stewart & Stewart
127 Raglan St S Albion House Hotel (Renfrew Police Station)
127 Raglan St S Low Square
128 Raglan St S Temperance Hall (Old Town Office)
136 Raglan St S Russ Cassidy’s Man’s Shop
142 Raglan St S Stewarts Ltd (McPhail & Perkins)
150 Raglan St S Ottawa House (Scott & Sons Hardware)
161 Raglan St S Uptown Billiards
162 Raglan St S Clark’s Jewellery Store
166 Raglan St S Donaldson’s Drug Store
168 Raglan St S McPhail Hardware, JJ Enright Furniture
172 Raglan St S McArthur Mens Wear
174 Raglan St S Dominion Store (Reward Shoes)
177 Raglan St S McFarlane House (Donohue Art & Frame)
178 Raglan St S Fraser and Smart Druggists
182 Raglan St S Muir China Shop (Royal Bank)
187 Raglan St S Renfrew Home Furnishings
190 Raglan St S The O’K & R Style Centre
192 Raglant St S Milne, Honeywell Burpee
197 Raglan St S Barnet & Bolams store
198 Raglan St S Flora Barker Shoes
200 Raglan St S Dolan Books
204 Raglan St S Atlantic & Pacific Tea Co.
206 Raglan St S Maher Shoes
209 Raglan St S Anne-Lee Dress Shoppe
211 Raglan St S Sutton-Perry Insurance
212 Raglan St S Stedman’s
215 Raglan St S Hotel Renfrew (Scotiabank)
222 Raglan St S F.D. Vickers Insurance
223 Raglan St S Handford Block Hp
226 Raglan St S Aikenhead’s Drugstore
229 Raglan St S Donnelly & McKillican
230 Raglan St S T.E. Debeau Flower Shop
232 Raglan St S Fraser’s Flower Shop
233 Raglan St S Opeongo Bowldrome
236 Raglan St S Bank of Montreal
239 Raglan St S The Mercury, Donaldson’s, Coffee Shop
248-250 Raglan St S MacKay Brother’s General Store, Haramis Restaurant Hh
249 Raglan St S Renfrew Post Office
250 Raglan St S Verna’s Shoppe, Belinda’s, Noron
252 Raglan St S MacKillican & Associates
254 Raglan St S Fraser’s Clothes Shops, Bonnechere Bakery Hi
259 Raglan St S Cleary’s
260 Raglan St S Best Regards
261 Raglan St S Kearney’s, Wallace Jewellers
252-258 Raglan St S Victorian commercial buildings Hj
263 Raglan St S Scott Shoe Store
266 Raglan St S Debeau Flowers, Family Flowers, Ray’s Flowers
268 Raglan St S A. Fraser Shoe Store
269 Raglan St S Hill’s Refridgeration
270 Raglan St S TD Bank Hk
273 Raglan St S Bruce Insurance
274 Raglan St S Sidney’s Discount Store (Money Concepts) Hl
275 Raglan St S The Phil Bolger Building
276 Raglan St S Rhonda Ann Fashions (John M. Cooke Law Office) Hf
278 Raglan St S Barnet Block Hm
281 Raglan St S Bank of Nova Scotia (Dewey, Humpries, Rowley optometry)
282 Raglan St S R.A. Beamish Stores Ltd.
289 Raglan St S E.J. McGarry Hardware
296 Raglan St S Cosy Corner Tea Room
297-303 Raglan St S Chown Smith Law Office Hn
302 Raglan St S Pedlow’s Department Store
305 Raglan St S Douglas Moore Furs
314 Raglan St S Pedlow’s, Kelly’s Liquor Store (Coco Jarry)
321 Raglan St S N. Dean & Son Store
326 Raglan St S Renfrew Bottling, Community Living
334 Raglan St S O’Brien Theatre
338 Raglan St S Coolican Hardware
339 Raglan St S Armitage Motors (Rexall)
340 Raglan St S A.A. Wright & Co, O’Brien Opera House (O’Brien Appartments)
342 Raglan St S Fraser’s Sewing Centre
346 Raglan St S Phanenhour-Scott Lumber Co.
347 Raglan St S Dominion House (Macs Convenience)
350 Raglan St S The British Hotel
343 Raglan St S Bob McEwens Harness Shop
353 Raglan St S Valley Inn Coffee Shoppe
357-361 Raglan St S Dolan’s Fabric Centre/Renfrew Cable Vision
363 Raglan St S Devine Block, Devine & McGarry, Renfrew Family Services/Macs Milk, Circle K
364 Raglan St S Central Flowers and Gift Shop
364-74 Raglan St S Canadian Tire
367 Raglan St S Gus Ellis Liquor Store
368 Raglan St S Bunny’s Radio – TV Sales and Service
369 Raglan St S Thompson’s Service Station
390 Raglan St S Renfrew Produce, McLaughlin’s
393 Raglan St S McAllister Supply Ltd
460 Raglan St S Renfrew Presbyterian Church
367-488 Raglan St S see Walking Tour
494 Raglan St S John MacKay house (E. Roy Sayles, Dr. Ron Lavigne)
500-626 Raglan St S see Walking Tour
633 Raglan St S Jamieson, Grant, Tom Barnet Sr. & Jr., McMillan and Deslaurier residences
636-691 Raglan St S see Walking Tour
740 Raglan St S Barnet House (Coleraine House)
780 Raglan St S Bonnechere Manor
847 Raglan St S Bill’s BP Service
30 Railway Ave Renfrew Carnegie Library Hq
46 Railway Ave Cotie Car Sales
71 Railway Ave Quinn Funeral Home
187 Ready Ave Renfrew Power House
Renfrew Ave E AL Handford photos
33 Renfrew Ave E Violette’s Beauty Salon
57 Renfrew Ave E Burwell House
100 Renfrew Ave E Mel Campbell Insurance
Renfrew Ave E CNR Station
34 Renfrew Ave W Holmes’ Bakery
71 Renfrew Ave W Goldy’s Laundry
151 Renfrew Ave W Broyden’s Grocery
170 Renfrew Ave W Renfrew Refrigerator Co.
Renfrew Ave W CNR Station
R.R. #1 Eady’d Grocery & Service Station
Smith’s Creek Trestle
200 Stewart St Renfrew Textiles
200 Stewart St Red Bargain Barn
236 Stewart St King Grocery, Elmer Blackburn Motor Sales, Renfrew County Legal Clinic
252 Stewart St Riverdale Barber Shop
260 Stewart St Blackburn Motor Sales
293 Stewart St Ray’s Plumbing & Farm Supply
357 Stewart St Blue Sunoco Station
383 Stewart St Thomas Low House, White House Motel
409 Stewart St Sunset Motel & Restaurant (Rocky Mountain House)
488 Stewart St Eady Motors
508 Stewart St Barker Motors
56 Wrangler Rd Calvary Pentecostal Church
624 York St Lorne Cram Tinsmith