Family Histories

Heritage Renfrew Collection of Family Histories

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The following family histories are available at Heritage Renfrew

. I G FAMILY description
A1 . . Airth Airth history taken from Sergeant Henry Airth’s Family Registry
A2 Y Y Airth & Barr Record of descendants of Sergeant Airth complied by David Barr, son of Sergeant Airth’s eldest daughter Agnes
A3 N Bio Allen A Biography of Adeline Allen by Jana Mossip 1994
A4 Y N Andrews & Allison Descendants of Matthew Henry Andrews and Jane Allison by Fay Bennett Nov 1966
A5 Y N Atkinson The Atkinson Family of Admaston Township by Lynn Friedman
B5 . . Barr David Barr m. Agnes Airth ‘Barr Family of Horton’
B3 . . Barr and Airth Descendants of David Barr and Agnes Airth submitted by Margaret McLaren
B7 Y N Bennett – Griggor Two Generation Register for the James Bennett and Jane Griggor Families of Ross TWP prepared by Fay Bennett
B6 N Bio Berger E Interview Emily Berger by Crystal Patterson 1994
B17 N Bio Bigford Gurt Bigford, a brief by N. Richards, student
B1 . . Black Descendants of William Black prepared by Dean Clayton Black
B16 Y N Blimkie Blimkie Genealogy
B9 Y N Bolgers ‘A Thousand Kin, the Bolgers of Shamrock’ compiled by M. Rory O’Hare Bolger
B11 Y Y Box Genealogy of the Box Family by Mary May Box
B15 . . Brisco Memoirs of James A. and Alice Brisco
B8 Y Y Brown Grosklag Schutt Godtke Lyttle McBride Craig Wilson Descendants prepared by Mae Schutt Craig et al
B12 . . Burchardt Burkett Butchard Burchard Burchat Burkey History and Family Tree 1868 – 2002
B14 . . Burchardt Burkett Butchard Burchard Burchat Burkey Supplement to the Reunion 1886-1994
B13 . . Burchardt Burkett Butchard Burchard Burchat Burkey Reunion 1886-1994
B10 Y Y Burton Burton Ancestry
B2 . Bio Burwell The Biography of Agnes Burwell by Kathryn Mullins 1994
B4 Y N Burwell And Introduction to My Upper Ottawa Valley Roots by Willis Burwell
C5 Y Y Campbell-Wellwood Ian Lachlan Campbell and Marion Isabel Campbell (Wellwood) Part 1 Volume 1
C6 Y Y Campbell-Wellwood Ian Lachlan Campbell Marion Isabel Campbell Part 1 Volume 2
C7 Y Y Campbell-Wellwood Ian Lachian Campbell Marion Isabel Campbell Part 3 Volume 1
C8 Y Y Campbell-Wellwood Ian Lachian Campbell Marion Isabel Campbell Part 3 Volume 2
C9 Y Y Campbell-Wellwood Ian Lachian Campbell Marion Isabel Campbell Part 3 Volume 3
. N N Carr ” Carr Family News” newsletters 1966- 1970
C1 Y Y Cole “The COLES of Ross” by Raymond Beaumont 1979
C10 . . Craig “The Craigs of Arnprior” by Barclay C Craig
C4 Y Y Crozier “As related to me by Beth Plaunt” by Joyce Laird
C3 N N Crozier- Bain William A Crozier and Mary Jane (Bain) Crozier
C11 Y Y Crum (Cram) John Crum and Lilias Glen, Cram Families of White Lake, Arnprior, Renfrew and surrounding areas by Doug Cram 2014
D8 . . Deacon The descendants of Thomas Deacon
D2 . . Dempsey The Ever Present Past A Renfrew County Family 1855 – 2007 Samuel John Dempsey Ida Lucinda Virgin by E Hauschildt
D4 . . Dennison “Descendants of John Dennison from Lake Dore, Fierce family of Wilerforce “
D7 . . Dennison The history of Dennison Family by Lorna Milne
D1 Y Y Dick Peter Dick 1857 – 1933 His Records and His Family
D5 N Bio Dick K Harold Kenneth Dick by Matthew Brydges Feb 23
D9 . . Donahue The Donohue Heritage by Brady Donohue Feb 1994
D3 N Bio Donovan Home Child Ken Donovan translated by Dave Lorente 18/03/91
D6 . . Dubreuil family chart
D10 Y Y Dunbar 162 Years of Dunbars in Canada 1842 – 2004
E1 . . Eady  Robert Eady Sr. Family 1785 1864
E5 . . Eady “The Eady Family of Horton” by D. Skinner
E3 N Bio Edmunds Memories of Jean Edmunds Youth by Kim Sullivan Feb 1994
E4 . . Elliott The Elliot Clan Society
E2 Y N Enright The Descendants of Eugene Enright & Mary Johanna Curran
F2 Y Y Ferguson “Down the Road to Long Ago” The Ferguson Clan 1818-1996 by Glenda Ferguson-Tippins
F5 . . Ferguson Elisha Francis and Margaret Ann Ferguson
F3 Y N Fergusons “The World Book of Fergusons”
F1 . . Fitzpatricks The Fitzpatricks The history of my family by Arthur Fitzpatrick 2001
F4 . . Forans Ryans Neilans Gallaghers Kellys Maloneys Sullivans Dunnigans Connollys O’Connors “When the Roll is Called up Yonder” Opeongo-Sebastopol Founding Families
F6 . . Forester Descendants of Oliver C. Forester
. . . Francis .
. . . Fremont .
G2 . . Gauthier Gauthier Jim Maebelle
G4 . . Gemmill Family of Rev. Dr. John R. Gemmill
. . . Gosklag, Augusta .
G3 N Bio Griese The Life of Clarence Griese by Kelly Humphries/Stacey Strickland Feb 1994
G1 Y N Guest-Dagg Thomas Guest and Elizabeth Dagg complied by Joyce Laird 1995
H2 N Bio Handford Lillian Handford Memoirs by Margo Wilson Feb 1994
H7 Y N Hanniman John and Susanna Hanniman
H5 . . Harrington Gedcom file Peter Harrington
H1 Y N Herbert Family Tree Complied by Larry and Joan Herbert 2005
H4 Y N Hodgins Three Generation Register for the Matthew Hodgins and Sarah Green Family by Fay Bennett Mar 1997
H3 . . Humphries Francis Humphires
H8 Y Y Hunt The HUNTS of Mt. St. Patrick Hunt Family Tree 2010 as complied by Colette Katherine Barlow (Hunt)
H6 . . Hunter Hunter Family History 1779 to 1879
J1 . . Johnston Robert Johnston and 1st wife Mary Lowe 2nd wife Rachael Walsh from Lanark County
K1 Y Y Kiely Lynch Kennelly Madigan Wingle Hanrahan Various family relationships from the Mt. St. Patrick area written by Lila Foran (Lynch) 1983
K4 Y Y Kirk Robert Kirk by Donna Saunders & Edward F. Kirk
K5 N Bio Kleinbeil Martha Kleinbeil by Shane Malone Feb 1994
K6 Y Y Kluke Kluke Family History 1995 by Dorothy (Lepack) Rouble
K7 N N Kluke The Kluke Family recorded by Richard J.M. Gauthier Aug 1987
. N N Kluke August Kluke Tree “EXERTS”
K3 Y Y Knight Thomas Knight Family History
K2 Y Y Kobus Kobus Family History by R.C Cobus/P.A Cobus
K Y Y Kulas/Coulas The Family History and Records of KULAS/COULAS & Their Descendants 1872 – 2007 by the Kulas/Coulas Reunion 2007 Committee (Margaret Biernaskie, Gerard Blank & Barbara Blank)
L9 Y Y Legris Descendants of Joseph Legris
L10 Y Y Legris The Legris of Paris
L2 . . Lepack Lepack Family History 1887- 1988
L14 Y Y Leroux Family Tree Complied by Larry and Joan Herbert 2005
L4 . . Letts “Letts Remember”
L5 . . Letts “Letts Remember” supplement
L1 . . Lindsay Descendants of John Lindsay of Ayrshire Scotland and other related families complied by Terry C. Howard
L12 . . Lipsey Family History MS49-1
L11 . . Lipsey Lipsey family of Mount St. Patrick and Bromley Township
L13 N Bio Litkey The life of Mr. Clarence Litkey by Cari Brown
L6 Y Y Livingston John Livingston of Lanark Village
L8 N Bio Logan G The Life of Gordon Logan by Shilo Raczkowski Feb 1994
L3 . . Lynch A history of our Lynch Family
L7 Y Y Lynch/Maloney A family History by Mary Katherine Toovey (Lynch)
M13 Y Y MacGregors The MacGregors of Douglas
M11 . . MacPherson Ancestral Heritage and Descendant’s A. MacPherson & C. MacMillan
M14 . . Maher Maher (Meagher) family histories MS49 -2
M7 . . Mallard The Families of Joseph Mallard and Margaret Gordon
M17 . . Maloney The genealogy of John Maloney 1819 – 1905 and Deborah Moriarty 1826-1914
M9 Y N Mason & Blackwell Samuel Mason and Elizabeth Seales and Geo Backwell and Susan Dagg, compiled by Joyce Laird 1997
M16 . . Mayhew Maxeux History
M15 Y Y McAllister Sampson Coumbs, Robert Drysdale  & Alexander McAllister Families by Barbara McAllister Long
M4 . . McCallum/Bellan Duncan McCallum and Catherine Bellan
M1 Y Y McCormack Andrew McCormack (1829-1908)
M22 . . McDonough McDonough Genealogy 1809 1995 compiled and edited by Jo McDonough
M6 Y Y McDougall Family Group Records for Alexander McDougall 1809-1860 and John McDougall 1804-1850 by Barbara Paterson
M18 . . McLaren McLaren History Book
M19 N Bio McLaren McLaren Jean
M20 . . McLaren John McLaren
M23 Y Y McLaren Descendents of Malcolm McLaren 1804 and Ann Campbell 1804
M24 Y Y McLaughlin McLaughlin Family Tree
M8 Y Y Mcleod Descendants of Donald C. Mcleod c.1810-c.1889 prepared by Dean Clayton Black
M21 . . McMullen William McMullen and Mary Jane Shields family of Renfrew County prepared by Fay Bennett
M5 . . Meilleur Meilleur N. excepts from a book
M3 . . Miller/Goodman Alexander Miller and Janet Goodman
M12 . . Moreau Moreau phone numbers
M10 . . Munhall Descendants of Thomas Munhall
M2 . . Murphy Murphy Family of Admaston Township
O1 . . O’Brien M.J. O’Brien and Descendants & family history
O2 . . O’Gorman “O’Gorman Family of County Clare, Ireland “
P1 Y N Peever Peevers from Ireland to Renfrew County by Joyce Laird 1995
P2 Y N Plaunt “The Plaunt Family of Renfrew – A HISTORY” by Bruce W. Taylor
P3 . . Plaunt “The House Where I Was Born” by Mary Campbell Plaunt
R3 . . Rankin Rankin Family Tree
R6 Y Y Reid “The Reid Genealogy” by Alice McLaren 1972
R12 . . Reid Pedigree Chart from Dorothy Mooney
R4 Y Y Roach “The First Generation of Roaches in Canada” James and Sarah Roach – Canadians of Irish Ancestery by Lacey Roach
R5 Y Y Roach-Jeffrey Ancestor Chart compiled by Kathleen Nelson
R1 . . Rochester The Rochester Family by Lloyd D. Rochester
R7 . . Roffey “Roffey Family Tree 1790-2000” James Henry and Jane Roffey
R10 . . Ross Descendants of John Mottat Ross
R11 . . Ross Index of Descendents of William Ross and Mary Graham by Emily Hazelton
R8 Y Y Rousselle – Fremont Joseph Rousselle and Lucy Fremont Their Antecedents and Descendants by Gordon A. Bean Jr.
R9 . . Rouselle Joseph Emerie Rouselle and Lucie Fremont MS 47
R2 . . Russell Russell Family Heraldic Interpretation
S3 Y Y Scott “The Scott Family of Admaston” by John B. Steele
S8 Y Y Sheedy “The Sheedy Saga” an abridged version by F Sheedy R Corrigan
S5 N Bio Sinclair 92 Years of Living Hazel Sinclair
S? Y N Smith – Naismith Family History for Thomas Smith & Annie Naismith and Hugh Smith & Margaret Johnson, immigrant ancestors of Thomas as prepared by Bill Erwin Smith March 2015
S2 Y Y Smith – Putman Descendants of James Smith and Abigail Putman researched by Alice McLaren 1973
S6 Y N Smith Two Generation Register for the Robert Robertson Smith & Elizabeth  Callaghan Family of Wilberforce and Bromley Townships Renfrew County
S4 Y N Snedden “The Snedden Saga” From Lanarkshire to Lanark County by Marilyn Snedden, Ramsay Township, 1994. Covers nine generations from 1821.
S9 . . Stanzel Joseph Stanzel 1788-1884 Sarah Gale 1830- Ann Eynouf 1792-1871
S1 N Bio Stewart Francis Stewart by Shannon O’Brien
S? Y Y Stewart Family Records for the Family of John S. Stewart and Elizabeth Dewar immigrants from Scotland to McNab Township in the 1830’s. Records prepared by Ernie and Jesse Brown 2013
S7 Y Y Stewart – McGregor Eighty years of Memories in Renfrew County by R.A. Stewart
T1 N Bio Thompson Way back When Lawrence Thompson by Kate Scott
T2 . . Thompson Family Tree of Alexander and Christina (Nee Thomson) Thompson by William & G. Thompson
W3 . . Wall The John Wall Family From the Town of Cloughjordan North Tipperary Ireland to the Ottawa Valley by Lois Nuth
W1 Y N Wallace “A visit out Home” The Story of the Wallace family of Bagot 1842 – 2003 by Lois Dick
W2 N Bio Whalen “87 Years and Counting” of John Whalen by Paul Haaima
W4 . . Wierkus .