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I G FAMILY description
. . Airth Airth history taken from Sergeant Henry Airth’s b.1870 Family Registry
Y Y Airth & Barr Record of descendants of Sergeant Airth complied by David Barr, son of Sergeant Airth’s eldest daughter Agnes
N Bio Allen A Biography of Adeline Allen by Jana Mossip 1994
Anderson Anderson Famalies of Invergeldie, Comrie, Perthshire, Scotland and the Fisher, McCallum & Wallace Familes by Terris C. Howard 2017
Y N Andrews & Allison Descendants of Matthew Henry Andrews and Jane Allison by Fay Bennett Nov 1966
Y N Atkinson The Atkinson Family of Admaston Township by Lynn Friedman
. . Barr David Barr m. Agnes Airth ‘Barr Family of Horton’
. . Barr and Airth “Descendants of David Barr and Agnes Airth” submitted by Margaret McLaren
Y N Bennett – Griggor Two Generation Register for the James Bennett and Jane Griggor Families of Ross TWP prepared by Fay Bennett Nov 1996
N Bio Berger E Interview Emily Berger by Crystal Patterson 1994
N Bio Bigford Gurt Bigford, a brief by N. Richards, student
. . Black Descendants of William Black prepared by Dean Clayton Black
Y N Blimkie 1 Blimkie Genealogy
. . Blimkie 2 Family Tree of Lawrence August Blimkie
Y N Bolgers ‘A Thousand Kin, the Bolgers of Shamrock’ compiled by M. Rory O’Hare Bolger
Y Y Box Genealogy of the Box Family by Mary May Box
. . Brisco Memoirs of James A. Brisco and Alice Adeline Beach
Y Y Brown Grosklag Schutt Godtke Lyttle McBride Craig Wilson Descendants prepared by Mae Schutt Craig et al
. . Budd Family of Violet Lellotta Budd
. . Burchardt Burkett Butchard Burchard Burchat Burkey History and Family Tree 1868 – 2002
. . Burchardt Burkett Butchard Burchard Burchat Burkey Supplement to the Reunion 1886-1994
Y Y Burton Burton Ancestry
. Bio Burwell The Biography of Agnes Burwell by Kathryn Mullins 1994
Y N Burwell And Introduction to My Upper Ottawa Valley Roots by Willis Burwell
Y Y Campbell-Wellwood Ian Lachlan Campbell and Marion Isabel Campbell (Wellwood) Part 1 Volume 1
Y Y Campbell-Wellwood Ian Lachlan Campbell Marion Isabel Campbell Part 1 Volume 2
Y Y Campbell-Wellwood Ian Lachian Campbell Marion Isabel Campbell Part 3 Volume 1
Y Y Campbell-Wellwood Ian Lachian Campbell Marion Isabel Campbell Part 3 Volume 2
Y Y Campbell-Wellwood Ian Lachian Campbell Marion Isabel Campbell Part 3 Volume 3
. . Campbell-Douglas “White Lake Campbells” Colin Campbell & Isabella Douglas
N N Carr ” Carr Family News” newsletters 1966- 1970
Y Y Cole “The COLES of Ross” by Raymond Beaumont 1979
. . Coumbes History of Sampson Coumbes, Robert Drysdale and Alexander McAllister Families
. . Craig “The Craigs of Arnprior” by Barclay C Craig
Y Y Crozier “As related to me by Beth Plaunt” by Joyce Laird
N N Crozier- Bain William A Crozier and Mary Jane (Bain) Crozier
Y Y Crum (Cram) John Crum and Lilias Glen, Cram Families of White Lake, Arnprior, Renfrew and surrounding areas by Doug Cram 2014
. . Deacon The descendants of Thomas Deacon
. . Dempsey The Ever Present Past A Renfrew County Family 1855 – 2007 Samuel John Dempsey Ida Lucinda Virgin by E Hauschildt
Y Y Dennison-Pierce Descendants of John Dennison from Lake Dore and Pierce family of Wilberforce. Two family descendant reports & notes on members by Lorna Milne (Dennison) 27 October 2001
Y Y Dick Peter Dick 1857 – 1933 His Records and His Family
N Bio Dick K Harold Kenneth Dick by Matthew Brydges Feb 23
. . Donahue The Donohue Heritage by Brady Donohue Feb 1994
Y Y Doney-Hanniman ‘My Family Tree’ by Elaine Hanniman 1983. A record of Theodore Doney (Doing) & Pauline Sheppard/Mary Scharf AND Susanna Warnke & John Hanniman.
N Bio Donovan Home Child Ken Donovan translated by Dave Lorente 18/03/91
. . Dubreuil family chart
Y Y Dunbar 162 Years of Dunbars in Canada 1842 – 2004
. . Eady  Robert Eady Sr. Family 1785 1864
. . Eady “The Eady Family of Horton” by D. Skinner
N Bio Edmunds Memories of Jean Edmunds Youth by Kim Sullivan Feb 1994
. . Elliott The Elliot Clan Society
Y N Enright The Descendants of Eugene Enright & Mary Johanna Curran
Y Y Ferguson “Down the Road to Long Ago” The Ferguson Clan 1818-1996 by Glenda Ferguson-Tippins
. . Ferguson Elisha Francis and Margaret Ann Ferguson
Y N Fergusons “The World Book of Fergusons”
. . Fitzpatricks The Fitzpatricks The history of my family by Arthur Fitzpatrick 2001
. . Fitzroy Fitzroy Families
. . Forans Ryans Neilans Gallaghers Kellys Maloneys Sullivans Dunnigans Connollys O’Connors “When the Roll is Called up Yonder” Opeongo-Sebastopol Founding Families
. . Forester Descendants of Oliver C. Forester
. . Forrest Descendants of Samuel Forrest
. . Francis .
. . Frood Descendants of Thomas Frood
. . Frood-MacKay research papers
. . Frood-Watt research papers
. . Gauthier Gauthier Jim Maebelle
. . Gemmill Family of Rev. Dr. John R. Gemmill
. . Grantham Ancestors of Thomas Henry Grantham
N Bio Griese The Life of Clarence Griese by Kelly Humphries/Stacey Strickland Feb 1994
Y N Guest-Dagg Thomas Guest and Elizabeth Dagg complied by Joyce Laird 1995
Hass-Schurr ‘Strong Roots Springing Forth New Roots’ by Sister Josephine C.S.J.
N Bio Handford Lillian Handford Memoirs by Margo Wilson Feb 1994
. . Harrington Gedcom file Peter Harrington
Y N Herbert Family Tree Complied by Larry and Joan Herbert 2005
Y N Hodgins Three Generation Register for the Matthew Hodgins and Sarah Green Family by Fay Bennett Mar 1997
. . Humphries Francis Humphires
Y Y Hunt The HUNTS of Mt. St. Patrick Hunt Family Tree 2010 as complied by Colette Katherine Balow (Hunt)
. . Hunter Hunter Family History 1779 to 1879
. . Imbleau History notes on Foundry & genealogy of family
. . Jardine Descendants of John Jardine & Ellen Kerr
. . Johnston Robert Johnston and 1st wife Mary Lowe 2nd wife Rachael Walsh from Lanark County
Y Y Kiely Lynch Kennelly Madigan Wingle Hanrahan Various family relationships from the Mt. St. Patrick area written by Lila Foran (Lynch) 1983
Y Y Kirk Robert Kirk by Donna Saunders & Edward F. Kirk
N Bio Kleinbeil Martha Kleinbeil by Shane Malone Feb 1994
. . Kluke August Kluke Tree “Excepts”
Y Y Kluke Kluke Family History 1995 by Dorothy (Lepack) Rouble
N N Kluke The Kluke Family recorded by Richard J.M. Gauthier Aug 1987
Y Y Knight Thomas Knight Family History
Y Y Kobus Kobus Family History by R.C Cobus/P.A Cobus
Y Y Kulas/Coulas 1 The Family History and Records of KULAS/COULAS & Their Descendants 1872 – 2007 by the Kulas/Coulas Reunion 2007 Committee (Margaret Biernaskie, Gerard Blank & Barbara Blank)
. . Kulas/Coulas 2 The John A. Kulas Coulas Genealogy of John & Josephine by Margaret R. Biernaskie
. . Lambert Lambert Story – The story of my life Allen B. Lambert 04 October 1919
. . Lavoy Descendants of Archan Lavoy & Mary Ann Mckey
. . Leclaire-Dodge photocopy of marriage register 10 Sep 1909
Y Y Legris Descendants of Joseph Legris
Y Y Legris The Legris of Paris
. . Lepack Lepack Family History 1887- 1988
Y Y Leroux Family Tree Complied by Larry and Joan Herbert 2005
. . Letts “Letts Remember”
. . Letts “Letts Remember” supplement
Y Y Lindsay – Ayrshire Descendants of John Lindsay of Ayrshire, Scotland and Other Related Families complied by Terris ‘Terry’ C. Howard
Lindsay – Cambusnetham included in above.
. . Lipsey Family History MS49-1
. . Lipsey Lipsey family of Mount St. Patrick and Bromley Township
N Bio Litkey The life of Mr. Clarence Litkey by Cari Brown
Y Y Livingston John Livingston of Lanark Village
N Bio Logan G The Life of Gordon Logan by Shilo Raczkowski Feb 1994
. . Lynch A history of our Lynch Family
Y Y Lynch/Maloney A family History by Mary Katherine Toovey (Lynch)
Y Y MacGregors The MacGregors of Douglas
. . MacGregors MacGregors of Douglas revised edition
. . Mackey Descendants of William Mackey
. . MacPherson Ancestral Heritage and Descendant’s A. MacPherson & C. MacMillan
. . Maher Maher (Meagher) family histories MS49 -2
. . Mallard The Families of Joseph Mallard and Margaret Gordon
. . Maloney The genealogy of John Maloney 1819 – 1905 and Deborah Moriarty 1826-1914
Y N Mason & Blackwell Samuel Mason and Elizabeth Seales and Geo Backwell and Susan Dagg, compiled by Joyce Laird 1997
. . Mayhew Maxeux History
Y Y McAllister Sampson Coumbs, Robert Drysdale  & Alexander McAllister Families by Barbara McAllister Long
. . McCallum/Bellan Duncan McCallum and Catherine Bellan
Y Y McCormack Andrew McCormack (1829-1908)
. . McDonough McDonough Genealogy 1809 1995 compiled and edited by Jo McDonough
Y Y McDougall Family Group Records for Alexander McDougall 1809-1860 and John McDougall 1804-1850 by Barbara Paterson
. . McGregor Peter McGregor
. . McLaren McLaren History Book
N Bio McLaren McLaren Jean
. . McLaren John McLaren
Y Y McLaren Descendents of Malcolm McLaren 1804 and Ann Campbell 1804
Y Y McLaughlin McLaughlin Family Tree
Y Y Mcleod Descendants of Donald C. Mcleod c.1810-c.1889 prepared by Dean Clayton Black
. . McMullen William McMullen and Mary Jane Shields family of Renfrew County prepared by Fay Bennett
. . Meilleur Meilleur N. excepts from a book
Y N Miller-Goodman Descendants of Alexander Miller and Janet Goodman of McNab Twp.
. . Moreau Moreau phone numbers
. . Munhall Descendants of Thomas Munhall
. . Murphy Murphy Family of Admaston Township
. . O’Brien 1 M.J. O’Brien and Descendants & family history
. . O’Brien 2 file of research notes and photocopies of newspaper artile on MJ O’Brien
. . O’Gorman “O’Gorman Family of County Clare, Ireland “
Y N Peever Peevers from Ireland to Renfrew County by Joyce Laird 1995
Y N Plaunt “The Plaunt Family of Renfrew – A HISTORY” by Bruce W. Taylor
. . Plaunt “The House Where I Was Born” by Mary Campbell Plaunt
. . Rankin Rankin Family Tree
Y Y Reid “The Reid Genealogy” by Alice McLaren 1972
. . Reid Pedigree Chart from Dorothy Mooney
Y Y Roach “The First Generation of Roaches in Canada” James and Sarah Roach – Canadians of Irish Ancestery by Lacey Roach
Y Y Roach-Jeffrey Ancestor Chart compiled by Kathleen Nelson
. . Rochester The Rochester Family by Lloyd D. Rochester
. . Roffey “Roffey Family Tree 1790-2000” James Henry and Jane Roffey
. . Ross Descendants of John Mottat Ross
. . Ross Index of Descendents of William Ross and Mary Graham by Emily Hazelton
. . Rouselle-Fremont 1 Joseph Emerie Rouselle and Lucie Freemont MS47
Y Y Rousselle-Fremont 2 Joseph Rousselle and Lucy Fremont Their Antecedents and Descendants by Gordon A. Bean Jr.
. . Russell Russell Family Heraldic Interpretation
Scobie-Wright Seeking Their Paces in the World – James Scobie and Rebecca Wright and their descendants 1828 – 1992
Y Y Scott “The Scott Family of Admaston” by John B. Steele
Y Y Sheedy “The Sheedy Saga” an abridged version by F Sheedy R Corrigan
N Bio Sinclair 92 Years of Living Hazel Sinclair
Y N Smith Two Generation Register for the Robert Robertson Smith & Elizabeth Callaghan Family of Wilberforce and Bromley Townships Renfrew County
Y N Smith – Naismith Family History for Thomas Smith & Annie Naismith and Hugh Smith & Margaret Johnson, immigrant ancestors of Thomas as prepared by Bill Erwin Smith March 2015
Y Y Smith – Putman Descendants of James Smith and Abigail Putman researched by Alice McLaren 1973
Y N Snedden “The Snedden Saga” From Lanarkshire to Lanark County by Marilyn Snedden, Ramsay Township, 1994. Covers nine generations from 1821.
. . Stanzel Joseph Stanzel 1788-1884 Sarah Gale 1830- Ann Eynouf 1792-1871
. . Steel A Pioner History of the John Steel Family
N Bio Stewart Francis Stewart by Shannon O’Brien
Y Y Stewart Family Records for the Family of John S. Stewart and Elizabeth Dewar immigrants from Scotland to McNab Township in the 1830’s. Records prepared by Ernie and Jesse Brown 2013
Y Y Stewart RA Eighty years of Memories in Renfrew County by R.A. Stewart
N N Taugher Taugher Family Members – brief history of descendants of Florella Taugher & John Davidson and John Taugher & Elizabeth Blair
N Bio Thompson Way back When Lawrence Thompson by Kate Scott
. . Thompson Family Tree of Alexander and Christina (Nee Thomson) Thompson by William & G. Thompson
. . Vincent-Godin Family of Maxime Vincent and Arteline Godin
. . Wall The John Wall Family From the Town of Cloughjordan North Tipperary Ireland to the Ottawa Valley by Lois Nuth
Y N Wallace “A visit out Home” The Story of the Wallace family of Bagot 1842 – 2003 by Lois Dick
. . Wallace-Fraser 1 John Wallace & Agnes Fraser
. . Wallace-Fraser 2 William Fraser & Elizabeth Russel
N Bio Whalen “87 Years and Counting” of John Whalen by Paul Haaima
. . Wierkus .
. . Wilson History & research material on the descendants of Alexander Wilson & Annie Cairns
. . Wright-Ferguson Collection of information & images of Christena Wright (Lindsay) Lehigh 1903 – 1998
Wrights The Wrights by Patrick M.O. Evans – A genealogical study of the first settlers in the Canada’s Capital Region