Heritage Renfrew Collections


MS 39 McNab Family Collection
MS 40 Hugh Andrew Bryan Collection
MS 41 M.J. O’Brien Documents
MS 42 Doris Humphries Collection
MS 43 James McLaren 1794-1860 Collection
MS 44 Annie and Duncan Stewart Collection
MS 45 Algonquin Land Claims File + Leroux Family Tree
MS 47 Home Children
MS 48 Trudy Doyle Collection
MS 49 Carol Bennett McCuaig Collection in progress
MS 50 J.A. David Lorente Collection
MS 51 Shanytyman’s Thoughts by J. Kalimeris
MS 52 Larry & Margaret Ritza (Renfrew Golf Club Limited)
MS 53 Agnes Plutz Collection
MS 63 Robert & Leslie Cross Collection
MS 64 Newspaper & Magazine articles WW2
MS 65 Quebec Referendum
MS 66 Articles on Madawaska River
MS 67 Articles on Ottawa River
MS 68 Maurice Russell
MS 69 Renfrew Rotary Club
MS 70 Carswell Family Photos
MS 72 Violet Lellota (Lulotta) Budd
MS 73 Stella Laviolette Collection
MS 74 Black Donald Mines
MS 75 Martin Munhall Collection
MS 76 Hank Legris Collection
MS 77 Ontario District Agricultural Reports
MS 78 Marjorie and Earl Lindsay Collection
MS 79 Marjorie Forest Collection
MS 80 Michael Bulger Collection

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