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Library Index – Heritage Renfrew

Library Index

Library Index
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1 story Across The Grain Smith, J.H. The Toys of J.H. Smith Toymaker
1 Trans Canada Trail Munhall, Martin Public Presentation
1 Voters List for 18th General Election 1935 Stoppa, C Chief Electoral Office
1 The Colonial Dream 1497-1760 Horwood, Harold Canada Illustrated Heirtage Series 1
1 Redcoats and Loyalists
Hannon, Leslie Canada Illustrated Heritage Series 2
1 Days of the Rebels 1815-1840 Atwood, Margaret Canada Illustrated Heritage Series 3
1 Pioneer Days 1840-1860 Carroll, Joy Canada Illustrated Heritage Series 4
1 Dawn of the Nation 1860-1870 Stephenson, William Canada Illustrated Heritage Series 5
1 The Age of Innocence 1870-1880 Collins, Robert Canada Illustrated Heirtage Series 6
1 Canada Moves Westward Batten, Jack Canada Illustrated Heritage Series 7
1 The Naughty Nineties 1890-1900 Callwood, June Canada Illustrated Heritage Series 8
1 Into the 20th Century
Phillips, Alan Canada Illustrated Heritage Series 9
1 The Years of Agony 1910-1920 Craig, John Canada Illustrated Heritage Series 10
1 The Crazy Twenties 1920-1930 Canada Illustrated Heritage Series 11
1 The Hungry Thirties 1930-1940 Braithwaite, Max Canada Illustrated Heritage Series 12
1 A Time of Heroes 1940-1950 Franklin, Stephen Canada Illustrated Heritage Series 13
1 Explorations in the History
of Canadian Mapping
Barrell, Barbara, Edited by A collection of Essays
1 Canada, A People’s History Gilmor, Don & Pierre Turgeon
1 Our Store McBride, Hugh 75 Years of Canadians and Canadian Tire
1 Garden of Dreams von Baeyer, Edwinna Kinsgmere and Mackenzie King
1 bio Four Roads – Almonte Gomme, George E. The Life of George E. Gomme
1 The Prime Ministers of Canada Ondaatje & Swainson McDondald to Trudeau
1 Heritage of Canada Reader Digest Our Storied Past and where to find it
1 bio Canadian Portraits MacDonald, Adrian
1 Reappraisals in Canadian History A.D. Gilbert, C.M. Wallace, R.M. Bray
1 Upper Canada Craig, Gerald M. The formative years 1784-1841
1 The Canadian 100 Rawlinson & Granatstein The 100 Most influential Canadians of the 20th Century
1 The White House White House Historical Association An historic Guide
1 Early Christmas Kalman, Bobbie The Early Settler Life Stories
1 The Widowed Land Gear, Kathleen O’Neal
1 History of the Dominion of Canada, The Clement, WHP
1 hist The Story of Canada Marsh, Edith L.
1 Charlie Farquharson’s History of Canada Harron, Don
1 Nova Scotia The Lighthouse Route Hines Sherman and The Annapolis Valley
1 Canada A Celebration Fulford, Robert
1 Ancestry’s Red Book Eichholz, Alice, Edited by
1 Diamond Jubilee of Confederation
1 Geological Survey of Canada Quinn, H. A.
1 Land Use and Evaluation of the Canadian Shield Notes on
1 Welcome to the Editors of the USA
1 Guide for a Small Map Collection Farrel, Barbara & Aileen Desbarats Association of Canadian Map Libraries
1 bio Pearson of Canada Beal, John R. The Making of a Statesman
1 bio Joe Clark, A Portrait Humphreys, David L.
1 bio Faith and Freedom Chodos & Swift biography of Bill Ryan
1 bio Charlotte – the Last Suffragette
1 CANADA – A Year of the Land National Film Board
1 Grosselle – a record of daily events Charbonneau, Andre & Andrew Sevigmu
1 bio J.R. Booth Trimell, John Ross The Life and Times of an Ottawa Lumber King
1 hist The Mystery of Frankenburg’s Canadian Airman Hessel, Peter eye-witness to terror bombing in Germany
1 The Lion in the North Prebble, John
1 bio Shadow of Heaven Vol. 1 English, John biography of Lester Pearson
1 bio The Worldly Years Vol. 2 English, John biography of Lester Pearson
1 bio Lily
A Rhapsody in Red
Robertson, Heather biography of William MacKenzie King
1 bio Reil – Life of Revolution Siggins, Maggie Louis Reil
1 hist Heritage Fights Back Denhez, Marc C. Legal, financial & promotional aspects of Canada’s efforts to save its architecture &
historic sites. Introduction by Pierre Burton
1 bio In Search of My Father Fawkes, Marion Elizabeth Charles McKenzie Martens
1 geno Hurling Down the Pine Hughson, John W. & Courtney C.I. Bond Story of Wright, Golmour & Hughson Families
1 hist The Acadians of Nova Scotia Ross, Sally & Alphonse Deveau Past and Present
1 story Charlotte’s Birthday Cosentino, Frank a one act play – Charlotte Whitton
1 story Molly’s Veil Bajer, Sharon play – Charlotte Whitton
1 bio The Joy of Effort McGill, Jean a biography of R. Tait McKenzie
1 bio The Canadians Granatstein, J.L. W.L. MacKenzie King
1 bio Livingstone of the Artic Copeland, Dudley First resident physician to the Eskimos First Artic milkman
1 Escape MacGregor, Roy In Search of the Natural Soul of Canada
1 hist The Museum Called Canada Gray, Charlotte 25 Rooms of Wonder Photographs
1 bio No Bleeding Heart Rooke & R.L. Schnell,
Charlotte Whitton A Feminist on the Right
1 bio Faith and Freedom Chocks and Jamie Swift, Bob The Life & Times of Bill Ryan SJ
1 bio Garden of Dreams von Bayer, Edwina Kingsmere and MacKenzie King buildings & gardens
1 bio The Governor-Generals of Canada 1867 – 1978 Mask, compiled by Darlene scrapbook of newspaper clippings collected by Marjorie Lindsay
1 bio Prime Ministers of Canada Mask, compiled by Darlene scrapbook of newspaper clippings collected by Marjorie Lindsay
1 hist Archives
Mirror of Canada Past
Public Archives of Canada history of Canada with pictures
2 Pioneer Life on the Bay of Quinte Morley, William F.E.
2 Places in Ontario Mika, Nick and Helma Part 1 A – E
2 Places in Ontario Mika, Nick and Helma Part 2 F – M
2 Places in Ontario Mika, Nick and Helma Part 3 N – Z
2 Ontario Historic Museums, Galleries & Plaques Minsitry of Culture and Recreation
2 info A Guide to Provincial Plaques in Ontario Perkins, Mary Ellen Discover Your Heritage
2 Ontario A Loving Look Monk, Lorraine
2 Ontario Agricultural Hall of Fame Honor Roll
2 Trail Planning and Layout King of Trails, Design, Construction
2 Lighting the Pioneer Ontario Home Russell, L.S.
2 Electoral Districts Ontario 1867-1968 Lewis, Roderick Centennial Edition of a History of the
2 Huron Historical Notes Volume XVII
2 Huron Historical Notes Volume 16
2 Ontario – Informal History Ministry of Education
2 hist Ontario Horticultural
Societies 1854-1973
Story of
2 Look Out Trail – Algonquin Geology small booklet
2 Algonquin Provincial Park, A Chronology small booklet
2 hist OPP History of the Provincial Police Higley, Dahn D.
2 hist
Trail Blazers of Algonquin Park Wright (Mooney), H. Eleanor Algonquin Park during the 1930s & 1940s – see also #360
2 Logging Days in Blind River Kuffman, Carl a review of the events that established a town
2 Joe Lake Wright (Mooney), H. Eleanor Reminiscences of an Algonquin Park Rangers Daughter – see also #321
2 The Challenge of Agriculture Morang, George N.
2 Geological Guide to Highway 60
Algonquin Park
Guillet, G. R.
2 story Lake Opeongo Shaw, S. Bernard Untold stories of Algonquin Park’s largest lake
2 hist
A Pictorial History of Algonquin Park 1991 Tozer and Dan Strickland, Ron Park Centennial 1893 – 1993 many photos
2 Over the Hills to Georgian Bay Mackay, Niall
2 hist
Day Tripper 3 Carpenter Town bios with photos of Eastern Ontario Bancroft to Cornwall
2 Ontario An Informal History Choquette, Robert
2 White Pines Celebrates Its History Morse, L.A. Editor
2 Index of Townships Ont Gartner, M.E. Nipissing District OPS
2 Historic Sites Museums, Galleries and Plaques
2 hist
Lancaster Township and Village Ross, Ewan Chronological history of
2 1 Paris Ontario A Pretty Town A Driving Tour of Highlights of Paris
2 2 Memoires de la Society Genealogique Canadienne – Francaise
2 2 Brome County, Yesterdays of The Brome County Historical Society Volume Seven
2 2 Chamberlain and Its People, The Township of Croisier, Mary B
2 2 hist
Portage Du Fort 1863 – 2013 photos and narrative of historical buildings in and around Portage Du Fort
2 2 Richmond County and Vicinity, Annals of Richmond County Historical Society Volume 1
2 2 Richmond County and Vicinity, Annals of Richmond County Historical Society Volume 2
2 3 Lieux Historiques Musees
2 3 Qui Suis Je Society of Family History of Quebec quotations
3 news The Eganville Leader
Reflections of a Century 1902 – 2002
Eganville Leader stories and photos from the Ottawa Valley
3 ref The Eganville Leader
INDEX to Reflections of a Century
Eganville Leader
3 hist photo The Upper Ottawa Valley
a glimpse of history
Kennedy, Clyde C. history, pictures, stories & maps from the 1600s to 1970s
3 The Shanty, The Big Pine Bedore, Bernie A Story from the Ottawa Valley of Canada photocopy of book
3 Notes on the History of Renfrew County Price, Mrs Carl, Compiled by
3 Notes on the History of Renfrew County Renfrew County Council Centennial 1961
3 bio Invisible Women McCuaig, Carol Bennett biographies of women of Eastern Ontario
3 Draw Up a Chair
A Treasury of Renfrew County Storytelling
Code, Susan, Edited By short stories by various authors
3 Pontiac Treasures in Song and Story
3 ref Your Guide to the Museums in Renfrew County Renfrew County Museums Network with maps & pictures
small booklet
3 hist Geographical Names of Renfrew County Rayburn, Allan
3 geno Peter Robinson’s Settlers 1823-1825 Bennett, Carol
3 geno Renfrew County People & Places Bennett, Carol & D W McCuaig 1989 pictures & history with geneological names index
3 Wardens of Renfrew County Bennett, Carol
3 hist
Countryside Musings Hamiliton, Margaret transcripts of newspaper columns written by author from 1955-1974
3 Pioneer Reminiscences of the Upper Ottawa Valley The Church of St John the Evangelist
3 Wardens of Renfrew County Bennett, Carol
3 100 Years
Ottawa and the Valley
Walker, Harry J a backward glance from Centennial Year 1967
3 Tall Tales of Joe Mufferaw Bedore, Bernie
3 Mineral Deposits in the Renfrew County Freeman, B.C.
3 The Story of the Mountain Hunt, T.J.
3 Census of Renfrew County C.S. 1842 & 1851 Vol. 1 Horton
3 Opeongo Explored, The Volume 1 Nov 1970
3 The Ottawa Valley and The Fur Traders Davies, Thomas
3 hist The Mayflower 1984 Field Season Report
3 Multicultural History of the Bonnechere Valley
3 hist Highways of Destiny: A History of the Diocese of Pembroke O’Dwyer, Rev. William C. history of the Upper Ottawa Valley through the eyes of the diocese 1964 – see also #432
3 The Back Forty Evans, Steve picures & stories of Ottawa Valley farmers
3 bio
Heart & Soul Evans, Steve photographs & biographies
3 Peace of Mind Through Poetry Vol. 2 Coulterman, Frank
3 Anthony’s Photographic Bulletins Vol. 9 copies of
3 bio
Letita Mallotte, Beverley Dixon join Letita Coleman for a stroll through the turn-of-the-century Ottawa Valley
3 The Broad Valley Bedore, Bernard
3 White Lake Early Years White Lake Property Owners Association
3 Countryside Musings Hamilton, Margaret
3 Crimes of the Century In Renfrew County: Conspiracy of Silence Hendry, Bryan Who Killed Mason Behnke, 1972
3 Crimes of the Century In Renfrew County: Hearts of Darkness Hendry, Bryan the death of Eleanor Witt, 1971
3 bio Windows of the Soul Campbell, Jayne Stories of a generation – Answers from 30 people – see also Sequel (#416)
3 Whiskey and Wickedness No. 4 Larry D. Cotton Renfrew County 1825 – 1900
3 Whiskey and Wickedness No. 6 Larry D. Cotton The Turbulent Square Timber Area 1825 – 1900
3 Greeting from Portage Pierre Humphries, Doris
3 Along the Champlain Trail History Book Committee Stories from Olmstead Lake
Jeffrey’s Lake with pictures
3 bio
The John R. Booth Story Cooms, C. F. includes many photos
3 news Sinking of the Mayflower Weir, Stephen 12-Nov-12
3 Upper Ottawa Improvement Company map of Upper Ottawa River with pictures & narrative
3 hist
The Way It Was in the Ottawa Valley Lee-Whiting, Brenda history & photos of the Upper Ottawa Valley
3 story A Bubble of Plumb
ans other audience favourities
Cook, Mary stories from the Ottawa Valley 1930s
3 Another Place at the Table Cook, Mary
3 bio
This Ottawa Valley of Mine Beattie, Mac pictures of people & places, stories, commentaries, lyrics and sheet music in the life of Mac
3 Building the Rideau Canal Passfield, Robert W. a pictorial history
3 bio the Ancestors are Arranging Things A Journey on the Algonquin Trail Kruzich, Noreen archival documentation of the First Nation history of the Ottawa & Matawa Watersheds
3 photo
The Road Home
Images of the Ottawa Valley
MacGregor, Roy & Steve Evans many photos of people & places in the Ottawa Valley
3 80 Years Mamory in Renfrew County Stewart, R.A.
3 The Opeongo Shaw, S. Bernard
3 ref Rivers of the Upper Ottawa Valley
Myth, Magic and Adventure
Wilson, Hap canoeing routes with maps, history & illustrations
3 bio An Ottawa Valley Flying Legend O’Malley, Mike Ron Bowes, one of Canada’s great bush pilots – Bradley Air Services
3 Windows Volume 2 Campbell, Jayne Sequel to Windows of the Soul (#300)
3 Welcome to Beautiful Renfrew County 2002 Vacation Guide magazine
3 ref
Memoir 70 Family Hunting Territories and Social Life of Various Algonkwin Bands of the Ottawa
Memoir 71 Myths and Fork-lore of the Timiskami Algonquin and Timagami
Speck, F. G. with maps
3 hist Lift Up Your Hearts
A history of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Pembroke
Legree, Rev. Joesph C. history in Renfrew County – see also #242
3 1.1 Prince Edward County Information Book Capori, Alan R., Complied by
3 1.1 Prince Edward County, More Stories of Capon, Alan R. & Margaret E Haylock
3 1.1 Prince Edward County Treasury Capon, Alan R
3 1.1 Prince Edward County
Mika, Nick and Helma
3 1.1 Memories of Somerville Township Compliled To Celebrate Ontario’s Bicentennial 1784-1984
3 1.1 Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry 1784-1945 Harkness, John Graham K.C. History of
3 1.1 Carleton Saga Walker, Harry & Olive Carleton County
3 1.1 hist Our River. The Rideau Rideau Valley Conservation Authority The history of the Rideau River booklet
3 1.1 The Development of Woolen Industry in Lanark, Renfrew and Carleton Counties North Lanark Historical Society
3 1.2 geno The Lanark Society Settlers Bennett, Carol
3 1.2 geno Lanark, In Search of Bennett, Carol & D W McCuaig
3 1.2 geno Leinster to Lanark McCuaig, Carol Bennett
3 1.2 A Door Into Lanark’s Past Hinchley, Harry Lanark Era
3 1.2 Index to the 1871 Census of Ontario, Lanark
3 1.2 Lanark Legacy Brown, Howard Morton Nineteenth Century Glimpses of an Ontario County
3 2.1 Cumberland Heritage Cumberland LACAC 1988 – historical buildings
3 2.2 geno Founding Families of Beckwith Township 1816 – 1946 Carol Bennett-McCuaig
3 3.1 Carp 60 Years Ago Blair, Ella by Huntley Twp Historical Society
3 3.1 The Story of Whitney and Sabine Hunt, Father Tom
3 3.1 Perth Remembered
3 3.1 Smith Falls, The History of University Womens Club
3 3.1 Carleton Place Founded on a Rock Brown, Howard Morton History of Carleton Place
3 3.1 hist The Ottawa Country
3 3.1 Memoirs of Forrester’s Fall McLeese, John Malcolm When the little village wore swaddling clothes
3 3.1 History of Mattawa, Ont. Whalen, John A.
3 3.1 Romance of Fitzroy Harbour Saldler, Fred
3 3.2 Ottawa, A Contemporary Portrait Wilson, Jane pictures & text
3 3.2 The Rideau Canal Magill, Charles photocopy of small book
3 3.2 Early Days in the Ottawa Country National Capital Commission
3 3.2 The Mile of History Bault, Dr Lucien National Capital Commission pictures in a small booklet
3 3.2 Bytown, A gluide to Lowertown Ottawa Bault, Dr Lucien
National Capital Commission
pictures in a small booklet
3 3.2 Ottawa Waterway
Gateway to a Continent
Leggett, Robert History of the Ottawa River
3 3.2 From Ottawa with Love Hessel, Peter D.K. Glimpses of Canada’s Capital through Early Picture Postcards
3 3.2 Historical Sketches of Ottawa Maitlan and Louis Taylor, Leslie
3 3.3 bio Influence & Ambition
First Persons of Perth
Shaw, Ron W.
3 3.3 bio Forgotten Hero – Alexander Fraser Shaw, Ron W. & M.E. Irene Spence Perth Military Settlement
4 4 geno Admaston Township First Settlers Land Records
4 4 geno The Admaston Heritage Book Bennett, Carol The Balsam Hill Women’s Institute
4 4 geno Founding Families of Admaston Horton & Renfrew Village Bennett, Carol & Heritage Renfrew
4 4 Admaston Survey Maps
4 4 hist History of Admastion compliation of articles, extracts and commentary from unknown author from the early 1980s to 1950s
4 4 hist, photo Township of Admastion/Bromley
Echoes & Ripples
complied by Carol McCuaig and Dave Lemkay A Canada 150th project
4 8 bio A Hundred Years A-Fellin’ Gillies Brothers Limited history of the company on the Ottawa River
4 8 Beautiful Arnprior Keough, Pat & Rosemary
4 8 Arnprior, Town of Two Rivers Celebrates 125th Anniversary
4 8 Arnprior Centennial 1862-1962
4 8 The Arnprior Story Lavoie, Leo
4 12 geno  Founding Families of Bagot Blythfield & Brougham McCuaig, Carol Bennett
4 16 geno Founding Familes of Bromley Township McCuaig, Carol Bennett
4 17 Brougham Minutes 1883-1919
4 18 Early Families …Our Lady of The Angels Parish Brudenell Burbage, Bernadett 150th Anniversary 1858-2008
4 20 A History of Calabogie Clarke, Alfred
4 20 geno
Calabogie, Timber Trains & Tourists Robillard, Irene
4 20 St. Andrews United Church
Calabogie Ontario
Nicol, Robin compiled by 100 Years 1892 – 1992
4 20 The Black Donald Story Quilty, Rita with pictures and copies of various documents
4 24 Cobden Then and Now 1849-1989 Wallace, George A History of Cobden with pictures
4 24 Scarlet and Gold 1982 Reunion Cobden and District High School
Yearbook style with pictures
4 28 St. Mary’s High School 1948-1974 Combermere Book Committee of Reunion Committee History of St. Mary’s High School
4 32 The Story of Cormac Hunt, Father
4 36 hist The Story of Douglas Hunt, Revend T.J. History of St. Michael’s Church
4 36 Reflections – Old Times & New Burwell, Kubiseski & Cusworth A pictorial History of Douglas
4 40 Eganville, Jewel of the Bonnechere Bennett, Carol 1825 – 1991 with special publishing rights to Heritage Renfrew
4 40 hist Eganville, St James the Less Roman Catholic Church McCuaig, Carol Bennett The history of a church
The loss of a landmark
4 40 Eganville & District Old Home Week Aug 1948 Historical Souvenir
4 42 Postal History of McNab Township Manchee, E.B. PHSC Journal Included in binder
4 44 Grattan Township Yesterday and Today Yellow duo photocopy of small booklet
4 44 geno Founding Families of Grattan & Wilberforce Bennett, Carol
4 45 Along the Madawaska Kennery, Kim A History of the Townships of Griffith & Matawatchan
4 48 Early Land Grants in Horton and Admaston Campbell, Robert A Land records
4 48 geno
Horton, The Story of a Township Humphries, Doris & Campbell
4 48 Minutes Book of Horton Twp Copies of the Original from 1885 1859
4 48 Township of Horton 1849 Meeting Minutes
4 48 hist Timbertown
Proposed Development Plan
4 52 The History of Killaloe Station Garvey, Martin souvenir booklet of Centennial Year 1967
4 54 Lochwinnoch 100 Years of Rural Church History 1894 – 1994 Lochwinnoch Presbyterian Church formerly called Castleford Presbyterian Church
4 54 Lochwinnoch 1894 – 1994 100 yrs. of History
4 58 The Madawaska Story complied by Youth Grant 1984
edited by Harold O’Reilly
history of the Village of Madawaska
4 60 Matawatchan, A glimpse into the Past Stong, Elmer T 18 mini biographies
4 66 geno People of St. Patrick’s McCuaig, Carol Bennett Mount St. Patrick Parish 1843 – 1999
4 68 North Renfrew Agricultural Society Centennial 1857-1957
4 68 Pembroke 150 Anniversary Sesquicentennial
4 68 Defender Lodge Fiftieth Anniversary Oct 1972
4 72 Petawawa, St. John Lutheran Chruch 1867-1968 History of
4 76 Winnie Nute Radio Exerpts
Host Bill Kehoe
Nute, Winnie Transcripts from her Radio Broadcasts 1975-1977
4 76 Renfrew Victoria Hospital 1879-1997 McCuaig, Carol Bennett
4 76 The Story of Renfrew
Volume One
Smallfield, W. E. and Robert Campbell From the Coming of the First Settlers about 1820 digitized by Heritage Renfrew with index and available in .docx and .pdf (searchable)
4 76 The Story of Renfrew
Volume Two
Smallfied, William Hamilton photocopy from Parliamentary Library by D. Lorente
‘left unfinished at his death in 1928’
4 76 The Story of Renfrew
Volume Two
Smallfied, William Hamilton digitized by Heritage Renfrew with index and available in .docx and .pdf (searchable)
4 76 The Story of Renfrew
Volume Three
Heritage Renfrew
4 76 Renfrew and Its Fair
Through 100 Years
Walker, Harry J Agricultural Society’s Centennial 1953
4 76 Les Fraser’s Renfrew Fraser, Leslie Johnston
4 76 Faces and Facades
The Renfrew Architecture of Edey and Noffke
Heritage Renfrew
4 76 Central Public School
Teachers Manual
Humphries, Mrs Doris a brief history of Renfrew Public Schools 1849-1960
4 76 History of Renfrew History Notes from HR Letter covering quitea variety of topics
4 76 Former Residents Return 1923 Kelly, Diana – Prepared by Resident’s names, places & dates that returned to celebrate Centennial Old Home Week in September
4 76 Renfrew Curling Club 1874-1974 R Frank, H Hinchley, M Lindsay, A Smart, DW Stewart
4 76 bio O’BRIEN From Water Boy to One Million a Year Young, Scott
4 76 Renfrew Highland Games Souvenir Program Saturday June 19th 1965
4 76 Renfrew Highland Games Saturday June 20th 1964
4 76 Renfrew Curling Club 1874-1974
4 76 Renfrew Marion Lodge 100 years
4 76 Renfrew Centennial Celebrated during week of Aug 10-16 1958 picture booklet with captions
4 76 Renfrew Lodge 1859-1959 A Century of Masonic Progress
4 76 Renfrew Legion The first forty years of Branch No 148
4 76 Renfrew Heritage Canada Autumn 1976
4 76 Renfrew, Mills and Factories of 1820-1935
4 76 Renfrew Municipal Year Book 1963
4 76 hist Newsletters Heritage Renfrew 1982-1990
4 76 The Ninth Annual Commencement RCI 1915
4 76 The Rassler From Renfrew Howard, Gary Larry Kasaboski and the Northland Wrestling Enterprises
4 76 Renfrew People photocopies of portraits
4 76 Renfrew & Area, The Beauty of Keough, Pat & Rosemarie picture book
4 76 Renfrew Centennial Official Program1956 pictures, history & advertisements
4 76 Our Parish 1995 St. F.X. Renfrew
4 76 Our Lady of Fatima – 50th Anniversary
4 76 Renfrew Presbyterian Church 1926-1986
4 76 Renfrew Presbyterian Church calendar with historical pictures
4 76 St. F.X. Church “Historical Souvenir” Lorente, David Sr.
4 76 Renfrew Invests in Her Youth booklet – a brief history of the Renfrew Recration Commission
4 76 Welcome to Renfrew Renfrew Chamber of Commerce Information Guide
small booklet with map
4 76 Renfrew Remembers
1914 – 1918
1936 – 1945
Renfrew Recreation
4 76 First Forty Years Anderson, Les of Legion Branch no. 148
4 76 The First Fifty Years Headrick, Lion Doug Renfrew Lions Club Inc. 1940 – 1990
4 76 Renfrew and Area Renfrew Chamber of Commerce membership Directory 2003
small booklet
4 76 Experience ’79 Logan, Cathy Neighbourhood Improvement Project Survey for River West, Renfrew 1979
4 76 story Winning Shorts Renfrew Victoria Hospital Short Story contest 1997 20 short storiws from authors across Canada
4 76 Souvenir Programme
Renfrew Centenary 1923
Old Home Week 16-22 Sep 1923
4 80 Springtown Reflections Robillard, Irene A study of People and Times
4 90 Centennial – North Renfrew Agricultural Society 1857-1957
5 1 Irish Heraldry Coats of Arms
5 1 The McCabe List Elliott, Bruce S. Early Irish in the Ottawa Valley
5 1 The Kerry Chain, The Limerick Link McCuaig, Carol
5 1 geno Valley Irish Bennett, Carol & D W McCuaig
5 1 ref The Ancestor Trail In Ireland Begley, Donal F. a guide to researching,
photocopy of book
5 1 ref Irish Migrants in the Canadas Elliott, Bruce S. A New Approach
5 2 hist On Stony Ground Whiting, Brenda Lee German immigrants
5 3 The Saga of the Kashub People Rekowski, Aloysius J. In Poland & Canada, USA
5 3 Crossing on the Agda Connolly, Shirley Mask Kashubia to Canada
5 3 geno The Polish Hills Crawford, Venetia in the Pontiac with history & illustrations
5 3 History of the Wilno Heritage Society Connolly, Shirley Mask 1998-2005
5 3 Renfrew’s First Polish Families Connolly, Shirley Mask For Renfrew Heritage Presentation 1997 including dates of arrival, parish & location
5 3 Polish Genealogical Society newsletters 1987
5 3 News from Wilno Heritage Society Newsletter Spring/Summer 2004 Vol3#1
5 3 News from Wilno Heritage Society Newsletter Fall/Winter 2004 Vol3#2
5 3 News from Wilno Heritage Society Newsletter Spring/Summer 2005 Vol4#1
5 3 News from Wilno Heritage Society Newsletter Fall/Winter 2005 Vol4#2
5 3 News from Wilno Heritage Society Newsletter Fall/Winter 2006 Vol5#2
5 3 News from Wilno Heritage Society Newsletter Spring/Summer 2007 Vol6#1
5 3 The Proud Inheritance The Polish Heritage Institute Kaszuby Ontario’s Kaszuby
5 3 Diamentowy Jubileuzy Zwiazku Polakow w Kanadzie
Diamond Jubilee of Polish Alliance of Canada
Knietowicz, Dr. Frank 1907 1982 – in Polish language
5 3 Polish Settlers In Alberta Reminiscences and Biographies
5 3 photo The Polish Canadians Kurelek, William the artist includes paintings & narrative about Polish Canadians
5 3 geno Brudenell Revisited Connolly, Shirley Mask Supplement to Polish Pioneer Familes in the Parish of Brudenell #101
5 3 geno Polish Pioneer Families in the Parish of Brudenell Connolly, Shirley Mask to the Year 1870 – see also Supplement #100
5 3 Two Gaelic Soldiers Taylor, Bruce A Story of Two Canadian Pioneer Families – Taylor & Maguire
5 3 News from Wilno Heritage Society Newsletter Fall/Winter 2007 Vol6#2
5 3 News from Wilno Heritage Society Newsletter Fall/Winter 2008 Vol7#2
5 3 News from Wilno Heritage Society Newsletter Spring/Summer 2009 Vol8#1
5 3 News from Wilno Heritage Society Newsletter Fall/Winter 2009 Vol8#2
5 3 News from Wilno Heritage Society Newsletter Fall/Winter 2010 Vol9#2
5 3 News from Wilno Heritage Society Newsletter Spring/Summer 2011 Vol10#1
5 3 News from Wilno Heritage Society Newsletter Spring/Summer 2012 Vol11#1
5 3 News from Wilno Heritage Society Newsletter Fall/Winter 2012 Vol11#2
5 3 News from Wilno Heritage Society Newsletter Spring/Summer 2013 Vol12#1
5 3 Wilno Heritage Society, News from Newsletter Spring/Summer 2014 Vol13#1
5 3 Home Ties Rekowski, Rev. Al photocopies of 103 articles from 1980s + newspaper reprints on the death of Michael Conway
5 3 A Giant Among Us Connolly, Shirley Mask Msgr. Peter B. Biernacki, the first Canadian born priest of Polish Kashub origin
5 3 hist
The Proud Inheritance
Ontario’s Kaszuby
The Polish Heritage Institute – Kashuby 1991
5 3 geno Sto Lat : One Hundred Years of Faith at St. Hedwig’s Parish Blank, Joshua C. & Angela Lorbetskie & Theresa Prince Parish Families – Barry’s Bay
5 3 geno Marriage Matters Connolly, Shirley Mask In Canada’s First Polish Settlement and Kashubian Community
5 3 History and Integration of Poles in Canada Malowski, William Boleslaus From 1752 to 1967 – photocopy of section of bool on Renfrew area
5 3 hist, photo Discovering Kashubia Europe Shulist, David Martin The story of the author’s journey finding his Kasbubian roots, from Wilno ON to Europe and back.
5 4 In Search of the Red Dragon Bennett, Carol The Welsh in Canada
5 5 Voyage of a Different Kind Turner, Larry Loyalists of Kingston Adolphustown
5 5 United Empire Loyalist, The Bradley, A.G. Founders of British Canada
5 5 Loyalist Lineages of Canada 1783-1983 Toronto Branch UELA of Canada
5 6 Dictionary of Scottish Immigrants to Canada Before Confederation Whyte, Donald “Vol. 1”
5 6 hist
The Scottish Canadians Andrews, Allen stories, photos, maps & sketches
5 6 The South Clyde Estuary Walker, Frank Arneil Guide to Interclyde and Renfrew, Scotland
5 6 story Timber Baron Glass, George H. Jim Reid – Scottish immigration & lumbering in 1830s
5 6 Dictionary of Scottish Immigrants to Canada Before Confederation Whyte, Donald Vol. 2
5 6 Dictionary of Scottish Immigrants to Canada Before Confederation Whyte, Donald Vol. 3
5 6 Scottish Tartans Bald, Alan
5 6 Scottish Tartans Bald, Alan a pitkin guide
5 6 Colin of the Ninth Concession Richards, R. L. Scottish Pioneer Life in Eastern Ontario ‘Scott’s Settlement 1903
5 6 hist Clan Scott Folio booklet – history of Clan, tartans
5 10 Barnardo Wagner, Gillian
5 10 Barnardo Children of Canada Corbett, Gail H.
5 10 Dr. Barnardo Bready, J. Wesley
5 10 The Home Children Harrison, Phyllis
5 10 The Little Immigrants Bagnell, Kenneth the orphans who came to Canada
5 10 Marchmont Home, Belleville Gilchrist, James C.
5 11 Nighbor, A Tribute to Magazine
5 11 Not Bad EH? Cosentino, Frank Great Moments in Canadian Sports History
5 11 Old Scores New Goals Finnigan, Joan The story of the Ottawa Senators
5 11 The Renfrew Millionaries Cosentino, Frank The valley boys of Winter 1910
5 11 Hockey Heritage
Above the Olympian Hill
Galloway, Bill & Allan Bartley Three Hockey Stories
5 12 Railroad Magzine Vol. 27 1940 Magazine Bounded
5 12 The History of Killaloe Station Garvey, Martin A Souvenir of our Centennial Year
5 12 hist In Search of the K&P Bennett, Carol & D.W. McCuaig The Story of the Kingston & Pembroke Railway
5 12 hist Faces and Places Along the Railway Willmot, Elizabeth A
5 12 hist Pacific Extension Wayne Tasse The building of the Canada Central Railway
5 12 hist Broad Gauge In the Ottawa Valley Wayne Tasse The building of the Brockville and Ottawa Railway
5 12 event The Almonte Train Accident December 12, 1942
The Memorial
North Lanark Historical Society
5 12 The Men and My Memories of the K & P Easton, Mel
5 13 geno Militia Rolls Pontiac County Quebec 1864-1868 Lewis, Olga names, ages, lot & concession
5 13 Canadian Forces WWI + Enlistments from Renfrew and the Units involved WWII Canadian Expeditonary Force Renfrew Ontario + Renfrew Mercury article 15Aug1940
5 13 Canada’s Militia and Defence Maps 1905-1931 Lorranine Dubreull
5 13 Murder at the Abbaye Campbell, Ian J. story of twenty Canadian soldiers murdered at the Abbaye d’Ardienne
5 13 Fighting for Home and Country Roelens-Grant, Janine Women Remember World War II
5 13 bio
Veterans of World War I in Renfrew Anderson, Les Royal Canadian Legion Branch #148
5 13 bio First We Were Soldiers Shaw, Ron W. the Long March to Perth
5 13 Renfrew Volunteers J. L. Green a honour register of Renfrew & district men and women on active service in WWI, WWII and Korean War
5 14 photo Yonder Lies the Valley B. V. B. photocopies of logging photos of lumbering in the Upper Ottawa Valley
5 14 story Timber Baron Glass, George H. Jim Reid – Scottish immigration & lumbering in 1830s
5 14 geno Hurling Down the Pine Hughson, John W. & Courtney C.I. Bond Story of Wright, Gilmour & Hughson Families
5 14 Livin, Loggin, Lovin’ and Laughin, Church, Robert O. Ottawa Valley to Northern Ontario stories and poetry
5 14 bio My Life and Times in the Bush Boyle, J.E. Up the Gatineau
5 14 Logging on the Schyan Price, Vernon
5 14 Johnie Courteau Drummond, William Henry Poems & sketches of warly French Canadian lumberman 1901
5 14 story Lumberjack Kurelek, William paintings and story
5 18 Laughing All the Way Home Finnigan, Joan
5 18 Some of the Stories I Told You Were True Finnigan, Joan
5 18 Tell Me Another Story Finnigan, Joan
5 18 bio
I come from the Valley Finnigan, Joan with photographic plates
5 18 Finnigan’s Guide to the Ottawa Valley Finnigan, Joan
5 18 Reminder of Familiar Faces Finnigan, Joan
5 18 Giants of Canada’s Ottawa Valley Finnigan, Joan
5 18 Legacies Legends and Lies Finnigan, Joan
5 18 story
Down the Unmarked Roads Finnigan, Joan stories of people & history of the Upper Ottawa Valley
5 19 ref Assessment Rolls Lewis, Olga Allumette Island 1848, 1851, 1854, 1855
Aldfield 1878, 1881
Allyn 1877, 1881
Cawood 1872, 1881
5 19 Profile of Renfrew Lewis, Olga prepared by re-written & photocopies of images from article in Toronto Mail 29 Aug 1887
5 19 Renfrew Swinging Bridge Lewis, Olga for workers at Woollen Mill
5 19 Miscellaneous Articles About Renfrew
Schools of Renfrew
Articles by Various People of Renfrew
Lewis, Olga
5 19 hist Men of Affairs Lewis, Olga compilation of transcriptions of newspapers articles and other publications
5 19 Directories of Renfrew 1864 Lewis, Olga voters lists, stores
5 19 Renfrew Stores, Churches, Schools, etc Lewis, Olga
5 19 Reminiscences of Renfrew Lewis, Olga
5 19 Fires of Renfrew Lewis, Olga
5 19 hist Short Histories of Renfrew
1908-1923-1858 +
Miscellaneous Articles by Various People of Renfrew
Lewis, Olga compilation of transcriptions of newspapers articles and other publications
5 19 hist Collection of Harry Hinchley Articles
3 Homes of Heritage Standing
Other Articles bt Different Authors
Lewis, Olga including some items of interest on Renfrew’s 100 years celebration
5 19 hist The Renfrew Post Office
The White House
Lewis, Olga Historical Part of Renfrew
Historical Home of Thomas Low
5 20 Tempest-Tost Davies, Robertson pocket novel
5 20 The Lyre of Orphlles Davies, Robertson
5 20 The Merry Heart Davies, Robertson
5 20 The Papers of Samuel Marchbank Davies, Robertson
5 20 What’s Bred in the Bone Davies, Robertson
5 20 Man of Myth Davies, Robertson
5 20 Tempest Tost Davies, Robertson
5 20 The World of Wonders Davies, Robertson
5 20 Fifth Business Davies, Robertson
5 20 The Manticore Davies, Robertson
5 20 The Rebel Angels Davies, Robertson
5 20 High Spirits Davies, Robertson
5 20 The Enthusiasms of Davies, Robertson
5 21 Tricolour ’43
Queen’s University Yearbook
5 21 Tricolour ’44
Queen’s University Yearbook
5 21 Tricolour ’45
Queen’s University
5 22 RCI Harpooner 1881 – 1981 Centennial
5 23 Shawville, Views From the Hill Class of 92 Pontiac Protestant High School
5 23 Shawville, Prevail 1992 Pontiac Protestant High School
5 99 Archives National Archives of Canada Documentary Art and Photography Division
5 99 Treasures of the National Archives of Canada
5 99 How to prepare a Local History Dempsey, Hugh A.
5 99 bio
Early Commercial Photographers of Lanark and Renfrew County Wohler. Patrick & Judy 1850-1925
5 99 Elementary Simplistic Graphic Analysis of the 19th C Styles of domestic architecture in Ontario booklet 1976
5 99 info People of Native Ancestory Ministry of Education Curriculum Bulliten for the Senior Division 1981